How to login WiFi router?

  • Connect your modem with the router using the Ethernet Cable.
  • Thereafter, connect the computer to the router’s network using Netgear security keys.
  • Now you will get auto-redirected to web address.
  • It is the Netgear router login default web address for Netgear wireless router login portal.
  • If you do not get auto redirected, use
  • Give your username and password on the Nighthawk router login screen.
  • You’re done! This is how to login to Netgear router.

However, despite such an easy task, still many users face problems while accessing address. Like they get redirected to sites where there is nothing given about the router login. Or the Netgear router login page just refuses to open which leads to errors like the setup page not opening or working. For resolving these issues, the troubleshooting guide is given below. Check how to login Netgear router without any trouble.

WiFi Router Login

Want to know how to login to Netgear router? Nighthawk router login is the first step to set up your router and the wireless network. If you’re currently connected with your router, click below to go directly to the Netgear router login page. Here’s how to login Netgear router.

Wireless Router Login Problems

Immediate Troubleshooting not working

Setup and Installation

Router Firmware Update

Cannot Connect to Internet

Reset Router Password

Router Configuration Page

Once you’re on the Netgear router configuration page via, you will need these steps to complete the setup of your router:

  • First of all, if the Netgear router login default credentials do not work for login, do a complete factory reset of your device.
  • After the reset, access the Nighthawk router login page. This time, the default Netgear routerlogin password and username will work.
  • Now, on the router configuration page, select the “Advanced” option and click on “Netgear router Setup Wizard”.
  • Allow the wizard to detect the internet connection type by clicking on “Yes”.
  • Wait till the smart wizard detect the internet connection type. It may take a minute or two.
  • Finally, the congratulation page appears.
  • Check the internet connection by clicking on “Take me to the Internet.”

WiFi Router Setup Problems

Easy Solutions

How to login to Router via

Can’t access Don’t know how to login to Netgear router via Knowing how to login to Netgear router is an ordinary issue when it comes to Netgear Router Setup. Want to know how to login router? To get rid of this, firstly you must check the web address that you are using. Almost 2 out of 5 users, mistype the Netgear wireless router login address that is or

Then cross verify the username and admin password. Both credentials are case-sensitive so type them cautiously. If you’re not aware of  Netgear router login default credentials, check the user manual of your router. Ensuring the above-mentioned points will definitely help you to know how to login to router via and get rid of the “can’t access” error.

Invalid Username or Password

If you get a message – “username or password is invalid” while accessing then first of all cross-verify the username and admin password. Type the Nighthawk router login credentials cautiously without any typos and remember they are case-sensitive.

If you have changed the default Netgear routerlogin password, and now you are not aware of what it is, then it’s time to factory reset your device. Doing the reset will allow the use of Netgear router login default username and admin password to get access to But do remember that it will also reset all the saved settings by default.

Stuck on Router Login Screen?

If you got stuck on the router login Netgear screen, then perhaps you don’t know how to login to Netgear router or there is an issue with the internet connection. Check if you can surf the internet on your other home devices and whether you device is connected to the router’s network via Netgear security keys. If not, restart the modem and connect your computer directly to the modem using the Ethernet cable.

Now check the internet connection by opening any website such as YouTube. If still, you’re unable to surf the internet, consult your Internet Service Provider. Also, try resetting your router. If the problem is because you don’t know how to login router, contact our technical experts for help. not Working?

If the is not working or responding, then check the version of the web browser that you are using. Your browser should be updated to the latest version. Apart from that, clear the cache and cookies of the browser.

Also, avoid doing typos while typing the web address Some users commit common typo like they sometimes type www.routerlognnet and get redirected to third-party websites rather than setup. So avoid doing this. Admin Invalid Response?

Generally this happens with the users of Google Chrome web browser. Users get this error ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE when they try to access the admin page. As per the reports of official Google Chrome Help forum, there was a security issue.

And this can be resolved by updating the chrome to the latest version. Another thing is to uninstall and reinstall the web browser. But still many chrome users are out of luck for this issue. In the nutshell, using a different web browser like Firefox or Safari can help.

Router Setup IP Issues

For setting up the router using the smart wizard, you need the IP address of the router. You put the IP address in the address bar of the browser, enter the default Nighthawk router login password and username, and you will be taken to the Netgear router setup smart wizard. However, novice or not so tech-savvy users are not aware of their device’s IP address.

For this, firstly read the user manual of your router. There you will get to know what is the Netgear router setup IP address or where to find it. Commonly it is the for most of the Netgear Routers. And if that doesn’t work for you try

Still Unable to Find the Solution?

Check out our blog section for quick fixes to any issues related to routerlogin or Netgear router setup.

WiFi Router Login Password Reset

Now as you have set up your home router via router login Netgear, you might think to change the www:// Netgear credentials. This is to enhance the security of your network. Generally, the default admin password is very ordinary to guess. It increases the risk of your network security which makes it easier for others including intruders to get access to your network. Hence, you must keep updating the credentials from time to time. For changing these credentials, you need to get access to router login Netgear portal using your current login username and Netgear router login password.

Just type the IP address of your router on the address bar or search bar of web browser and press enter. Once you are on the portal, tap on “ADVANCED” option and then on “ADMINISTRATION”. Here you will find the option of “set Netgear password”. Type in your old Netgear admin password and the new Netgear routerlogin password in the prompted boxes. Click on “Apply”.

How to Setup WiFi Router Using Nighthawk App

If the Netgear setup method seems complex to you for logging in to your Netgear router, then here’s how to setup Netgear router using the Nighthawk app.

Nighthawk app supports both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can make the most of your router using any device. Check the steps below to know how to setup Netgear router using the Nighthawk app.

  • Attach your router’s antennas (if any) and connect the device to your existing modem.
  • Plug in the device to a power outlet and turn it on.
  • Now, get access to your iOS or Android device and navigate to the App Store/ Play Store.
  • Locate the Nighthawk app and download it.
  • Launch the app on your device and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Netgear router setup process.

This is how to setup Netgear router using the Netgear Nighthawk app in a matter of minutes. Once done with the installation process, you can manage various features of your WiFi device from just about anywhere.

A few router models do not support the Nighthawk app, if yours is one of those, then get the Genie app on your device. Here’s how you can access your router using Netgear Genie.

Note: The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. So, you can get it on any of your devices.

  • Download the Genie app on your device.
  • Once downloaded, install the app on your device.
  • Create a Netgear account using an email ID.
  • Log in to your device by entering router login Netgear default credentials.

You are all set to use your WiFi router using the Genie app.

Best of all, you can use the router app to remotely access your WiFi device.

Configure Router Settings |

Are you struggling with the slow Internet speed even after configuring your router well with www:// Netgear accurately? Then you have an option for changing router settings for fast internet. You can alter the MTU size for your favorite WiFi routers. Here are the best steps for changing the Maximum Transmission Unit size-

  • Enter www routerlogin net web address in the URL bar to access the router login Netgear page. You can also use as an alternate to the Netgear router login default web address.
  • Make sure you have accurately mentioned the router’s default login credentials.
  • If you are new user then mention the Netgear router login default username and Netgear password to land on the router’s configuration page.
  • Visit the “Wireless Settings” page.
  • Now change the MTU from this particular page.
  • Click on the Save button to finish up with the settings.
  • Now run “CMD” window.
  • To check that either your Internet is now well or not, just ping If still the Internet is slow or the Netgear router login page is not working, click on the “WAN Setup” option.
  • Define the MTU size for your router and click on the Apply button.

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Know About Netgear Port Triggering

If you are fond of playing online games, then the Netgear router facilitates you with an advanced feature known as Port Triggering. You can configure the Netgear Port Triggering feature via routerlogin page if you perform a number of bandwidth-hungry activities. It is a form of a Port Forwarding rule that is not constantly active, but comes into effect when triggered by identifying certain outbound packets. FYI, Port Forwarding is a technique of forwarding the data from one device to another in a network system.

Once you configure the Netgear Port Triggering feature by accessing the Netgear page, the inbound packets are directed to the specific client device in a LAN. Just in case you are still confused between the Netgear Port Forwarding and Port Triggering features, we have differentiated them for you.

Difference: Netgear Port Triggering and Port Forwarding

  • You can configure the Netgear Port Triggering on any wireless client device on the network system, however, you can use it on a single client device at a time. In contrast, the Port Forwarding feature can be configured only on one device in your entire home network system.
  • While configuring the Netgear Port Triggering via or, you don’t need to enter the IP address of the client device. In the case of Port Forwarding, you need to specify the IP address of the client device, which cannot be changed in the future.
  • The Netgear Port Triggering feature requires a specific amount of outbound traffic to open the inbound ports. After a long time of inactivity, the triggered ports get closed automatically. However, the Port Forwarding feature is always active and you need not trigger it.
  • The Port Triggering feature is considered to be more secure than the Port Forwarding feature. It is because the ports are open for a limited time thwarting the cyber attacks.

Advantages of Netgear Port Triggering

  • Sending data from one device to another might sound easy but it becomes quite impossible when you want to access a client device (service) remotely. It can happen because the client device might be protected by a firewall that is considering you as an intruder and preventing you from accessing it. To overcome this difficulty, users configure the Port Triggering feature via or by accessing the Netgear page on their routers allowing them to contact other devices in a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • The Port Triggering feature safeguards your Netgear router because the ports are closed when not in use. So, unauthorized users won’t get enough time to break into the security of your home network system.

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of configuring the Netgear Port Triggering feature, let us shed light on the steps to configure it by accessing the Netgear page.

Steps to Configure Netgear Port Triggering

  • Visit on an updated web browser.
  • Use the default Netgear username and password of the router to log in to your router.
  • Wait for the Netgear dashboard to come into view.
  • Select the Advanced menu to reach the Advanced Setup section.
  • Click the Port Triggering option.
  • Uncheck the Disable Port Triggering option.
  • Enter a value up to 9999 minutes in the Port Triggering Timeout field.
  • This value determines the time for which inbound ports will stay open when the Netgear router detects zero activity.
  • Click the Add Service.
  • Fill in the required details and click Apply.

Caution: Stay on the Netgear page until the process of enabling the Port Triggering feature does not get completed.

Note: If you’re unable to access, try using the IP address. Just in case also fails to work for you, refer to the Netgear user manual to know the correct IP address of the router.

The Netgear Port Triggering feature will get activated on your router.

WiFi Router Setup FAQs


I lost or can not use my router configuration CD. What Should I do?

The router does not require any kind of installation or configuration CD to set up your device. Within the router management interface only, you will find a setup wizard that has the same perspective as of installation CD.

All you just need to visit for configuration settings.


How do I connect my WiFi router?

  • Disconnect any connected cables from the modem to the desktop or laptop. Plugin the modem’s power adapter and make sure your modem is turned ON.
  • Now try to connect your modem with your router. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable to your router’s internet port and another to the modem end.
  • Now to provide a power supply to your router device. Plugin your router’s power adapter into an electric socket or outlet.


How do I log into my router?

  • Connect your modem with the router and launch any of your preferred web browsers.
  • Now visit login web page. If routerlogin fails to work, try the following norms.
  • Now you have to mention the Netgear wireless router login credentials.


Can I change the username to something other than admin?

No, you cannot change the Netgear username. Only you can change the admin password.


How do I change my router Netgear password and username?

For the old router interface i.e. Smart Wizard. Firstly log in to your router. Next, you have to set a password present under the maintenance menu. Now enter both old and new passwords. Click on the apply button to finally save your settings.

For the new Netgear genie interface-based router. First of all, you need to log in to your router by visiting admin page. Now tap on the Advanced option. Next, choose the Administration and then set the Netgear router login password. Now mention both old and new passwords. Click on the apply button to save the changes.


How to update router firmware?

To upgrade your router’s firmware, visit Netgear router login page and then try to log in to the router configuration settings. Now choose the Advanced option and move next to settings and then administration. Here you either have to select Firmware update or router update option. Now click on Check. If any of the new firmware is currently available, simply tap on the Yes button.


How many computers or other network devices can be connected wirelessly with the router at the same time?

You can connect ‘n’ numbers of devices wirelessly with the router. However, internet speed and performance might noticeably decrease.


Why my router login default password not working?

The first-time installation of the router can be done using a default Netgear password and username, which is easily accessible from the router manual. But, users often change the default credentials in order to secure their WiFi.

If you have changed the default password of your WiFi to something else, then try to access the Netgear router login page of your router using the changed Netgear routerlogin password and username.

If still not able to access the Netgear router login page. You need to perform a router reset and reconfigure your device.


Why my router is showing error 651?

There can be many reasons behind the error 651. Go through the steps below:

  • Your router is not installed properly.
  • admin password is incorrect.
  • The firmware of your router is not updated to the latest version.
  • Damaged and obsolete drivers of your router.
  • Your IP might be conflicting.
  • Netgear router connectivity concerns.
  • Incorrect Netgear wireless router login.


Why is not working?

Many users come across the not working issue due to the use of an outdated web browser. Apart from that, if the web browser is accumulated with the cache, cookies, and browsing history, it can also prevent users from accessing


Router signal getting weaker. How do I fix it?

Signals of a router can become weak if it is placed in a zone filled with WiFi interference. To strengthen the WiFi signals, you need to place the router away from devices and objects like microwave ovens, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, televisions, mirrors, fish tanks, etc. Also, avoid placing your router in corners or near concrete walls.


Netgear router lights not on. What to do?

The lights on the Netgear router might not turn on if it is not getting an adequate power supply. It can occur due to a damaged wall outlet. So, either get the current wall outlet repaired or plug the Netgear router into another one.


Netgear router firmware update error. How to fix it?

The Netgear router firmware update error can take place due to a corrupted firmware file. In order to fix the issue, you need to reset your Netgear router and configure it from scratch. If the issue persists, contact our experts for immediate help.


Why is admin password not working?

The admin password not working issue occurs if you are entering the wrong password. Perhaps you committed a typo. So, be careful and make sure to turn the Caps Lock key on your keyboard off while entering the admin password. Besides, if you’ve ever changed the password, use a new one instead.

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